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My name is Teresa. I currently reside in Savannah, GA, but you will most likely find me at the arts and crafts store!

I love nature and stories, bright colors and playful characters. You will often find flowers, cats, and bicycles in my illustrations!

My mission as an artist is to spark joy and spread positivity.


Sometimes we need a  healthy reminder that our days, though filled with challenges, are an opportunity for us to grow and learn about ourselves and the world around us. 

I am currently studying for my MFA in Children's Book Writing and Illustration at Hollins University. This is my dream, and I feel endlessly lucky and blessed to study there.

eva crafting.png
eva kitten krosing.jpg

My sister, Eva, and I crafting when we

were young. The table was a mess every day!

My sister's drawing. We LOVED cats!

Kindergarten journal pages. Some things never change! :)

book maker2.jpg
book maker.jpg

My Childhood Home

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